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Jul 23, 2020

BDL reaches back in the Gettin' Outdoors Radio Show archives and pulls up an interview with the State Record Fancher Gator (2011-2014, 14' 2",838 lbs.) tag holder Keith Fancher on the morning after his team harvested the gator. This was in 2011 so you have to excuse the poor audio. After this interview with Keith, Fancher Gator hook man J.C. Peeples share his vast experience of alligator hunting in Alabama. In segment 2, J.T, Craig and Steve follow up last weeks awesome podcast by sharing a few stories and experiences of their 30+ years of hunting Alabama gators.

Kevin tells us how barometric pressure effects the fish and accepts the challenge Joe Allen throws down to his co-host on this weeks TCNB Huntin' & Fishin" Report.

Hit and miss showers this weekend so be prepared. It will be hot also so be sure to listen to the CNB detailed weekend weather report.