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Nov 21, 2019

Nose To The Ground Blood Trailing Service (Alabama) is a free deer recovery service provided by some very dedicated and professional trackers and their dogs. It is a service that is practiced and offered by both the men and the ladies. On this podcast BDL had to scramble to put it all together because of the "breaking news" that happened Wednesday after recording the NTGAL podcast with Michael Braggs, Crystal Gainey, Lindsay Kiefer & Danielle Knight on Tuesday. Crystal & Lindsay got a call to recover Travis Lee's 150+ Crenshaw County muzzleloader killed buck and BDL got them to tell the story early Thursday morning so he could include it in todays podcast. These girls are simply amazing at what they do and offer a very needed service for the Alabama hunters.

Joe Allen Dunn gives us the TCNB fishing and hunting report for the opening weekend of Alabama gun deer season and BDL has the detailed CNB weeknd Alabama River Lake Millers Ferry weather report.