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Feb 18, 2021

When you hear "old-timers" mentioned in outdoor conversations, my two guest today define that term. Barney McIntosh and Henry Rowell have been hunting in south Alabama all their life and have some pretty good knowledge and advice for al of you young guys. Known for their prize beagles and rabbit hunting, on todays podcast they kinda kick back and reminisce about their rich and long history in the outdoors.

The "Turkey Man" Eddie Salter sits in a minute with the guys on the weekend TCNB Huntin' & Fishin' Report to give his 2021 turkey forecast and share a few stories.

It has been one of the coldest weeks of the winter but springtime is just around the corner. BDL will let you know what to expect on this weeks Gettin' Outdoors Podcast detailed CNB weekend weather report.