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Apr 4, 2019

Stacey "Cat-Catcher" Gaston ("The Smack-Down Daddy") is a lighting rod for excitement when he talks about catching those giant catfish. I had a chance to sit down with this dynamic catfish angler and get him to share his love for the sport. His full time job is educating young folks as a welding instructor and preaching the word as pastor of his own church, catching those big catfish is passion. Listening to this man talk about fishing will get so fired up you will want to go straight to the river and wet a hook. Not just any hook but the "Mad Catter XHD" hook. This hook, according to Stacey that is "as dangerous to catfish as a stick of dynamite". 

Be sure to stay tune for the TCNB Lake Millers Ferry/Alabama River weekend fishing/water report with Joe Allen Dunn. Lucky for us this week I caught Public Information Manger/Outdoor Writer, David Rainer, in town with Joe Allen, doing a story on Alabama River catfish jugging. Also you will want to hear the CNB Gettin' Outdoors weekend weather report.  BDL