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Mar 21, 2019

This week on Gettin' Outdoors Podcast, BDL talks to Alabama Public Fishing Lakes Supervisor, Matt Marshall. Matt tells us about the management and upkeep of our 23 Alabama Public Fishing Lakes and how you can enjoy the benefits of Matt and his staffs hard work. Whether it is Rainbow Trout in Madison County Lake, Crappie & Catfish in Bibb & Dallas County Lake or 2 pound Shellcracker in Monroe County Lake our APFLs have something for every angler. BDL has been an advocate for our Alabama Public Fishing Lakes for a long time and has said on more than one broadcast that these professionally managed public lakes are one of Alabama's most under promoted and valuable assets we have. 

Be sure to stay tune after Matts interview for this weekends TCNB Alabama River/Lake Millers Ferry weekend water/fishing report with Joe Allen Dunn and the CNB weekend weather report. I think you will like them both!!  BDL